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A "Rat Patrol" is a group of lowly thugs hired by bigger gangs and mafias to murder snitches or "rats".
Gang Leader: "FUCK! Jermaine ratted us out to the cops."
Gang Co-Leader: "We got the Rat Patrol on it, he won't last a day."
by Scekhcsy Foxmonk June 23, 2010
The natural mental ability all people possess that allows them to quickly and dynamically assess the situation and environment they are in to decide whether or not it is practical to masturbate at the exact moment in time.
My mother wasn't due to be back home for another 10 minutes, so I thought I'd slip in a quick wank. However, masturbatory contingency told me that it wasn't worth taking any chance of her walking in on me.
by Scekhcsy Foxmonk August 07, 2010
Phrase originating in Britain that is uttered by ravers/binge-drinkers when they are. Usually shouted repeatedly whilst loud electronica/techno/dance/rave music is blaring, and whilst the speaker is raving/dancing

*smashes glass over own head rendering himself unconscious*
by Scekhcsy Foxmonk August 11, 2010
One who is signed up to Facebook but only uses it to comment on others pictures, and upload their own; a dedicated camwhore who loves critiscizing the way you look in passive aggressive way. Easily identifiable, as they'll usually upload a hundred or so photos a day and have the insatiable habit of rating all of your photos out of 10.
Isaac: "Oh yeah, did you hear? Jenny finally signed up for Facebook."

Josh: "Yeah, I know."

Isaac: "She's fit, you should add her."

Josh: "No thanks - it's been 3 days and she's already got 2,000 photos uploaded. The last thing I need is a Facebook fabulist on my profile."
by Scekhcsy Foxmonk August 07, 2010
Used to describe the rate at which a YouTuber or similiar public internet figure gains subscribers (or general fans). A fast clip is 1 new subscriber every 2 minutes.
*Jonathan Paula passes Dan Brown on YouTube's Most Subscribed list*

Dan Brown (from his video 'DAN GOES CRAZY, GETS NAKED!'): I still remember, when we first became friends you had a measly 20,000 subscribers, I mean, hah- you were nothing. Haha, we did a collab, and then what do you know!? You were on the map. You began gaining subscribers at a fast clip.
by Scekhcsy Foxmonk July 30, 2010
When a definition you've submitted to Urban Dictionary is reviewed and accepted within the hour you submit it.
I submitted a definition to Urban Dictionary today and just 45 minutes later I got an e-mail to say that it had been accepted. Urban Dictionary flush or what?!
by Scekhcsy Foxmonk August 12, 2010
Acronym for "love you millions and billions". Usually used to sign off messages
I have to go now, have a good day. :)

Lauren <3
by Scekhcsy Foxmonk August 07, 2010

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