3 definitions by Scarlo

The,hairs, spines or feathers of an animal, which are raised when the creature in question is distressed.
"Suddenly there was a crash downstairs,I thought it was a freaking burglar!it turned out it was the darn cat,I had my hackles up over nothing!"
by Scarlo September 04, 2008
1) Someone who fully understands you, whom you look up to, typically in a motherly way. Like a soulmate, but not someone you want to marry and make babies with. The mother of your soul.

2) The concept of multiple lives merged with a time machine that is off. You share the same soul, or your soul is birthed from the soul of your soul mother.
Oh my gosh, it's like we're the same person, except that it's also like she's my mom! She's my soul mother!
by scarlo February 06, 2014
Thick chesthair that resembles the frontal part of a lions mane, people who grow these usually shave them off.
"Some people think guys with a mane are sexy, quite frankly I think it's really off-putting."
by Scarlo August 17, 2008

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