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Sigh of dissatisfaction (usually associated with N00bs.)
James: "i going to buy a new colour television"

N00bs: "really?! what colour?

James & Scott: "Aaarrh".
by Scames March 26, 2009
The task of pairing one female with another for the act of scissoring. Usually accompanied by scissoring hand gestures and a wall diagram with interchangeable photos for pairing partners.

A phrase almost exclusively used by men. But is really super hot when used by women.

James: "Dude Sarah and Janice would make the sweetest scissor pair"

Scott: "Yeah and what about Crystal and Sophie!"

James & Scott: "mmmmmmm scissor pairing"
by Scames March 26, 2009
An annual 24 hour live televised event where the public telephone or text in monetary donations to a call centre of naked women in order to pair female celebrities for the act of scissoring live in front of a studio audience.
Operator: "Caller you're live on the air"

Mitchell: "yes umm.. aahh .. i would like to see Jessica and umm aaaahhh, Eva?"

Operator: "And how much would you like to donate to see these two hot pieces of poon tang grind beans?"

Mitchell: "ummm aaahh $23".

Operator: "Congratulations Mitchell you're about to see Jessica and Eva grind beans live on SCISSATHON!!!"

Mitchell: "shit... wait.. let me put a tape in".

by Scames April 09, 2009

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