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Marijuana, Weed.
Macro: We got a couple of beers left, and...I know you're retired until you find a job, but if you want I do have some wizzog.
by ScaldedDog August 04, 2009
1) a Night Terror

2) a particularly scary Nightmare

a Jimi Hendrix Dream is a nightmare that happens in a semi-conscious state. You are either totally asleep and dream that you are awake, but it is hard to move.

Or you are conscious but can't move because your body hasn't awoken, although your mind has.

In that state you cannot move an inch but you feel as though your spirit can, albeit with some difficulty.

This is a well known and widely accepted medical condition that most if not all humans will experience, some more frequently than others. And seems to be more common in those with known sleep problems, such as, sleepwalking, insomnia, or hypersomnia.
However being raised in a religious household your parents may confuse a Night Terror with their 2 teenage sons frequently listening to Rock Music
Dads: Is Jeff up yet?

Kenny: Yeah, he is in the bathroom

Dads: Did he have another one of his Jimi Hendrix Dreams again last night?
by ScaldedDog August 24, 2009
Low grade Marijuana, also know as dirt. It is so low grade and old and dry that it is brown instead of green. The only way to get any kind off a buzz out of it would be, to smoke half an ounce or more, non stop out of a bong, but since nobody wants to taint their bong with something so nasty, it ends up hand rolled in a flavored blunt to add a hint of flavor and to get a buzz off of the tobacco because that dirt aint getting any real stoner high for more than 30 seconds by itself. The reason it is called the chocolate stuff is that some potheads like to have names for their grass, and even a shitty batch needs a name to make it interesting especially to pot smokers who only normally smoke high grade hydroponic weed, and have to be convinced to try something that may have been green in 10,000 B.C. but currently looks like a tumbleweed mixed with chocolate cake batter and crushed pine cones.
Carlos: Did Justin have the Greens?

Ralph: Nah, I had to go to Fat Pat and get the chocolate stuff.

Carlos: I aint putting that shit in my pyrex

Ralph: Nah, we're gonna take the chocolate stuff and put it in the vanilla thing.
by ScaldedDog July 31, 2009
Smoking Weed.
Captain Don: "You're gonna have to take every other draw tonight, because scottie crab got hurt, so its just you and dunny in the circles tonight. But I need you to pace yourself it's the Championship game for all the marbles"

Slick Willie: "No problem I'll just play Center lock and only jump up in the play at key moments to save energy"

Scottie Crab: ahh Jeff were you (on the way to the rink) burning wood (again)
by ScaldedDog August 04, 2009
The section of an Asian restaurant that has head-on fish, baby whole squid, and chicken feet etc.

Because of it unusual fare, it is too out there for typical American restaurant-goers.
Hopper: Is it a Japanese place with sushi?

Ralph: Nah it's Chinese, and its cheap and pretty damn good. ...But there is one section I wont eat in.

Its the voodoo corner... Chickenfeet is fucking voodoo man
by ScaldedDog August 24, 2009
The 3 reasons your best friend gives, to not hang out tonight.

Christina can be substituted with your friend's girls name.

The Baby can be substituted with Work or School tomorrow.

Stuff CANNOT be substituted. It isn't really a proper excuse, and is more than likely a lie just to get you off the phone.

This classic excuse is usually given by the mayor of Cappy-o Town
Jefe: You wanna hang out tonight? It's a Division matchup on Monday Night Football, Bears Vikings

Big Cranium: I can't man.........Christina the Baby Stuffs
by ScaldedDog August 24, 2009
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