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1) The male genitalia for an ogre.
2) A jerk, asshole, complete moron.
That mans an ogre shloger
by Sayitlikeit_is September 27, 2003
wow i dont even know anymore...ok! umm guhey is basically the dumb version how to pronounce ghey. ok done
what's that word? guhey?
by Sayitlikeit_is October 19, 2003
Describing the, "Masturbation-fueled car" is very simple. Designed in the future seeing how the world was corrupted by computers/video games, the common male couldn't get, "Laid." So, GM(General Motors} created the, "Masturbation-fueled car." Also known as the, "MFC" To help the common loser, geek, nerd, and loner. Soon to be created by the makers of the, "MFC."

The MF Powered Motorcycle
The MF Powered Lawn Mower
The MF Powered Truck
The MF Powered Air Plane (to prevent terrorist attacks)
The MF Powered Boat
The MF Powered Water Jet
The MF Powered Gym Shoes
The MF Corperation


"Traveling 0-50 with a stiffy"
by Sayitlikeit_is September 11, 2004
Someone that suffers an epileptic fit, while in middle of yelling at you. He proceeds to bite his tongue off, fill his briefs with fecal matter, just before you have sex with his corpse after falling off a building balcony and on to a pile of broken glass. he sticks a floppy dildo up his ass, jiggles it around, jerks it out and thwacks you in the face with it.
"Out of the fucking way you god damn Jiggle Jerk."
by Sayitlikeit_is August 31, 2004
To humiliate someone, embarrese
Why did you have to fooble me like that. you tish-head
by Sayitlikeit_is October 07, 2003
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