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Someone who is a "baller", but is first and foremost conscious of the environment.


A cheapskate who is a poser "baller" and uses the environment as his excuse.

Little known fact:
One of the first known Eco-Ballers was Thurston Howell III of Gilligan's island. He was totally green and everything was environmentally conscious, but he still kept it baller.
"I always keep it Eco-baller. I was going to buy a Bentley, but I want to lower my carbon footprint so I bought this sweet Prius instead."

"When I'm at the club, of course I could pop bottles of Cristal, but they don't use recycled bottles....so I'm drinking water instead."

"I dropped $8000 at the Luis Vuitton store, but I just wore it / carried it out. I don't get bags because that's just not green"
by SayWordArthur March 11, 2009
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