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A Nazi high school in San Francisco full of Asians. Mostly Chinese who cry when they get the first F of their life on a math test that they should be taking in college. Hated by every other school in San Francisco because it owns every other school in sports. Has about 4 black people per grade, at least 2 of them half something else. If you go to Lowell High School, you don't go a day without hearing "I can't I gotta study for my Chinese test!" Yet even through all the torture and pain of getting a B to get into Berkley they say you have a better chance to get into a school like that. Also if you can not solve a Rubiks Cube under 5 minutes you should not being going to Lowell HS.

If you go to LHS, you have urges to:
1. Correct misspelled words in the bathroom stalls.
2. Sit in your room on the computer for about half the day to all day.
3. Do what you are doing right now
4. Have Yellow Fever
5. Know Mr. Axt is older then the school itself.
Non-Lowell kid: Dude you going to that awesome party tonight
Lowell High School kid: No I got to study for my Chinese test tomorrow.
Non-Lowell kid: But you had one 3 times this week.
Lowell High School Kid: I know! I got lucky this week!
by SayAnything_ButThat July 10, 2008

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