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A town in South Jersey that borders two cities, Camden and Philadelphia, and Cherry Hill among many other smaller towns. Pennsauken is known for having many large, fancy, rich people houses, and small, crappy, row homes that poor people live in only a few blocks from each other. For some reason people from other nearby South Jersey towns incorrectly believe that everyone in Pennsuaken carries a gun and sells drugs. Only about half of them do. On any given day between 7:00am and Noon you will find at least 1/3 of Pennsauken's obese population walking around cooper river. It is not uncommon to be "jumped" in Pennsuaken. The east side of Rt. 130 is typically the safe side, while the west side is typically the shadier side, although many exceptions exist to this guideline. Their High School Mascot is the Indian. Bishop Eustace Prep and Camden County Tech are also located in Pennsuaken. Camden Catholic High school might as well be, even though its street address is Cherry Hill. All the nice places in Pennsuaken are actually in Merchantville, not Pennsauken, which is commonly assumed to be a part of Pennsauken.
Person: Hey! Meet me at River rd. and 46th street in Pennsauken tonight at 11.
Person 2: No way! I don't want to get jumped!
by Saukener March 02, 2009
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