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1. A midnight snack.
Loren was hungry, so he had an after bite.
by Satch June 13, 2004
1. The peach basket is a sexual position that involves two men, though the movements and positions involved defy explanation.
2. A basket, usually wooden, containing peaches.
Date : 4/12/2003 Time : 8:06 PM
Marcus : me, you, and a thing we call the peach basket
der@i : oh, the sweetness of the preach basket,
i can just taste it now,
Marcus : hhaha - seorisuly though - whats the deal with gay people and ass?
Marcus : whats the deal
der@i : lets find out...
Marcus : umm..ummm...ummm no
der@i : ....n....n...no?!!!
Marcus : would you want to get a smoked me at shwarzes?
by Satch June 10, 2004
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