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people, most likely a girl, that that play with your head...much like a cocktease...however, mindsluts dont play with that head....they just make you believe that they have an inkling of a chance that they will date you...stay away from mindsluts at all costs..they may screw you up for life...and will put you into a deep depression that Vicodine, Coricidin, Prozac, and loud guitar playing cant cure...stay away
God, after that mindslut fucked with my head i cant sleep at night, have no feelings, feel hurt all the time, want to die...(other things an extremely depressed teenager may say)
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
see thieme, hes a cool kid, whos soon to be better than Spank lick at Halo...whatever...
man did you just see themesauce run the red's flag all the way back to the base!
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
aka...themepark...the coolest kid on 13th floor ogg east...well besides spank lick...that guys a pimp...Hes a scorpio, enjoys long walks on a beach, and has never been laid....
Thieme is such a pimp, i wish i was just like him
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
the greatest newb that HALO has ever seen... usually runs with the crew...OHOOMIS, WAD SLAP, AND MANK...watch your ass...he might kill you and then hump you...
oh shit! spank lick just kicked my ass at HALO again...(emphasis on "again")
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
jerking off, and/or masturbating until ejaculation...
i had so much fun wanking the snake to ohoomis' pic last night
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
a kickass player of HALO...if youre up against him..youre gonna get beat...and he reserves the right to fuck you up...
ohoomis is at liberty to fuck you up this game of HALO
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
the move used to kill members of a HALO game in one hit....Usually done by sneaking up behind an opponent and hitting the B/RED button that causes the player to pistol whip or rifle whip his opponent... It's an instant kill...and most likely represents that you suck at HALO
"All i had to do was sneak up behind this newb and spank lick him"

"Oh Shit! You just got Spank Licked."
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
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