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ok this is my most favorite coupling...and it'S pretty obvious that they like eachother...ok maybe not in the 'sasuke chase'.

SasuNaru is the short way of saying SasukeXNaruto. Sasuke and Naruto are the major character in Naruto(anime or mangas) if you want i have so many pictures of them and many doujinshi translated in english if you more details!lollll
when they were in the 'zabusa~haku' act when the body of sasuke move from it'S own to save Naruto...wasn't it jsut to yaoi!!!!!!awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lve them....now i want more pictures of them :'(
by Sasunarulover November 05, 2004
better known as the nine-tail demon fox that is emroisonned within Naruto, who is curse since the day he was born, kyubi would eventually help naruto*help is a big word* but if Naruto dies he dies too...so better help him and gave him the chakra he needs to survive.

The Akatsuki are after Naruto for Kyubi.

Kyubi was defeated by the fourth Hokage, whose the one who put the demon in Naruto.

He want is liberty, like everyone would normally...cuz rememeber he's emprissonned within a 12 years olds brat!
no example aarg why me !--'
by Sasunarulover November 05, 2004

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