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The completely distorted viewpoint while in the dressing room that you will have a desire/need/ability to wear a particular garment after purchase.
I was cleaning out my closet and found 6 tops that I bought last year because of dressing room goggles, of course, they still have the tags on them.
#shop #clothes #shopping #purchase #mistake #tops. sweaters #pants #jackets
by Sassafras September 03, 2013
the capacity of the brain to 1) take in or learn any new information or 2) contemplate or think about any ideas or plans.
Dude, I’ve been in meetings all day and have a major project due tomorrow, I don’t have the brain width to deal with that right now.
#brain #capacity #exhausted #mentally strained #intellectually strained
by Sassafras February 21, 2013
words used to describe someone who is moderately endowed.
Jonh is hung like a five inch dildo.
by sassafras July 08, 2005
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