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The best Graal server there is. Has a leveling system, over 125 weapons to collect, you can join nations and sieze enemy castles, and there are plenty of monsters to kill. Often mistaken for a skin disease
I have a level 20 mage on Maloria.
by Sargtlin February 05, 2005
A game in which the main object is to kill other players. Most servers have many quests to gain weapons and increase your health. Many people take advantage of other people's lag or stalk new players. These people are called lamers. After getting a kill, many people say "owned," "ph33r m3," "I'm 1337," etc. Even if someone dies they'll say "owned," because they are complete idiots. The best Graal server is Maloria. Graal is a highly addictive game.
I am an uber 1337 Graal player! Ph33r m uber 1337 skillz!
by Sargtlin February 06, 2005

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