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getting drunk, wrecking someone else's car, and getting arrested by the cops.
Nah, my old lady and me aren't on speaking terms anymore after I George Jones'ed her brand new Cadillac.
by Sargent Soul Spank August 02, 2010
a sucker punch, especially one that knocks somebody out cold.

It's also a Merle Haggard if your friend pretends to check on the unconscious victim and instead starts delivering a fury of vicious blows to the already injured person.

Inspired by the true story of a bar room brawl involving Merle Haggard, his first wife, a bandmate, and a really big, bad, mean fellow.
I didn't have a chance against that huge goon, so I played it cool until he turned his back on me, then I gave that sorry motherfucker a Merle Haggard like he's never seen. Then my friend gave him a Merle Haggard after he was already knocked out cold.
by Sargent Soul Spank August 02, 2010
n. A severe beating

Sometimes the only way to set someone straight is to invoke the wisdom, spirit, and life experience of the world's most respected troubadour. When diplomacy fails, you might just have to give somebody a Johnny Cash to get your point across.
1. Ah, that loudmouth over at the end of the bar stepped outta line pretty bad with that comment about my sister. I think I'll go over there and give him a Johnny Cash real quick.
by Sargent Soul Spank August 02, 2010

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