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4 definitions by Sarah and Maddy

2 most xcellent boys whom we base our whole vocabulary around. never use the following words unless in reference 2 these most bodacious dudes-
xcellent/most xcellent
bodacious/bodacious babes
heinous/most heinous
wild stallions
Excellent Bill.
Most excellent Ted.
Rufus: Most excellent Bill and Ted.
by Sarah and Maddy January 13, 2005
175 40
Although misconstrued as a question, this is actually just a form of 'hello'. Derives from the North of England, usually slurred into one syllable, sounding thus- 'oo-eye?'

OR commonly:
Northerner- 'Yalright'
Southerner- 'Yes thankyou I had a touch of the flu on Thursday but recovered much quicker than I first suspected. I've been working a lot recently, and what with the kids it was inevitable I would get run down. Looking forward to the summer though! Are-you-al-right?'
Northerner- *confused*
by Sarah and Maddy September 17, 2007
13 1
Use this word when your opponent in an argument has made a fair point!
"I hear what you're saying, but I really don't know you... do I."
by Sarah and Maddy September 17, 2007
10 53
an exclamation used as a more exotic alternative to goddammit! the origins of the word are somewhat hazy, but to hazard a guess- Mongolia?
dagnabbit!! my toes were just run over by a steamroller.
dagnabbit!! i just found out that im actually an alien from the planet GurroWACKAWACKA
by Sarah and Maddy January 13, 2005
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