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One of the main characters of a very popular anime/manga series. She is a 15 year old japan inhabitant, who falls through a well, meets a half demon, Inu Yasha, and falls in love with him while searching for peices of a broken jewel. I highly suggest it.
"Hey Kagome, how's your hand?"

-quote from Inuyasha, episode "The Ancient Noh Mask"
by Sarah E. Inu Obsessy July 06, 2004
1. a japanese word meaning dog Demon
2. A very awesome anime on adult swim. About a Dog Demon, Inuyasha, Trying to collect peices of a shattered powerful jewel, and revenge his loves death. He meets a girl from modern japan and they look together... and fall in love pretty much. Many seasons and 3 movies. I highly recomend it.
Inuyasha is totally cute, and is good in yaoi fanfics Inuyasha x Sesshoumaru pairing!!
by Sarah E. Inu Obsessy March 13, 2004

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