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A glam rock band from the 60's & 70's.The best band ever.

oh my god!!!
I could listen to Slade all day!
by Sarah Broach October 03, 2008
something so exciting, yummy, or fun that its orgasmic.
These tacos are orgasmic!!
by Sarah Broach January 20, 2009
A homely black and white stuffed animal cat sold at target. Usually costs around $1.00 and has green eyes. However, oocha has a high risk of Cataracts. She is a very very sad case. Can also be called April for short.
hey momma! I got myself a oocha!
by Sarah Broach January 22, 2009
a nasty morbidly fat breeze that is a carmel color that has terrible style. nappy soul sister. Wears too tight of shirts for tummy rolls to handle. So incredibly ugly. Is cruel to kind innocent citizens of allen. Likes older men. not easy on the eyes.
Hey girl! Have you heard? ayanna jones is soooo yanna breezy.
by Sarah Broach June 22, 2009

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