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A pineapple can be many things:

a)A residance under the sea, best for sponges.
b)A fruit, very prickly, that has no place on a pizza(growls), best not to be inserted up the ass.
c)A term for a brunette who is so freakin stupid.
d)A stupid grenade every1 mentions, but as it can kill people, we will mention it. (Great for hoe fights)
a)Spongebob Squarepant's underwater pineapple house.
b)The fruit ya dumbasses.
c) Has brown hair and says the word "like" a lot and is so slow its funny. (aka. violet crumble(as in the candybar))
d)Goes "KABOOM!!!"
by Sarah And Kitty April 28, 2006
Ya mum is commonly used as an irrefutable comeback when properly used. The result is best if it implies something to do with the insultees mum being sexually active. Being females the results are funny as we dont REALLY like ya mum.

(Works best when a straight female says it to add confusion)

Davo: Hey cockhead.
Bobbio: Your mum likes cockheads.


Davo: What were you doing on the weekend?
Bobbio: I was doing ya mum doggy style.


Davo: Oh My God! I was so excited.
Bobbio: Ya Mum was excited, when I shagged her!
by Sarah And Kitty April 28, 2006
Considered a songwriter, but really a crossdressing woman or a boy who grabbed his balls too hard. Needs to learn to shut the fuck up. Other names are Blunty, Cunt, james blunty, james blunder.
*very high voice* I think im gay, i think im gay, and im noooot beautiful. (Sung by james blunt)
by Sarah And Kitty April 28, 2006

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