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2 definitions by Sarah☼

One of the best ways to hug someone. Similar to a glomp. Generally, you run to someone and hug them. Some people may yell 'smash attack.'
Sally: Today I smash attacked Julie after school and it was really funny.

Anne: Haha, I saw that.
by Sarah☼ September 26, 2009
She's one of those near-Myspace queens who's actually fairly well-known.

She's really cute and often has two loose ponytails with ribbons or just teases her hair so it's really volumized. Her favorite colors are blue, black and grey, and her trademark things are the double exclamation points (‼) and her signature, <338.

She likes bright colors and black.
Did you see that girl's hair? It looked like ElliElectric!

OMJeez, you copied ElliElectric. Be original, pleez.

Haha, I love that girl ElliElectric. She's so rad.
by Sarah☼ May 12, 2009