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The Bossier/Shreveport Mudbugs
A profesional hockey team in the Central Hockey League located in Bossier City, Louisiana on the mighty Red River, where they play in the Centurytel Center.

This awesome team is known for its outstanding performance both on and off the ice. Nothing is better than the fun, fast-paced, rough world of ice hockey, and the Mudbugs have it all. An outstanding coach, amazing goaltending, fast forwards, and awesome defensemen.

It also always offers some of the best looking players in the league, season after season!
Karen: The Mudbugs were awesome aganist the Mississippi Riverkings tonight!

Sara: Of couse they were, they're the hottest team in the league!

GO 'BUGS!!!!!!!
by SaraBug87 June 18, 2008

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