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Oleta: wings.
A quiet girl of poetic disposition, and lovely features. Most often found to have a talent in writing. Found contradictivly at local hardcore shows.
"Hey man, did you check out the chick selling t-shirts at The Chariot show?"

"Yeah dude, she was totally oleta."
by Sara the Swan February 12, 2009
the action of holding a down and begrudging attitude towards cold fall and winter months, complaining about the weather, suffering from seasonal affective disorder, and basically dedicating a quarter of your life to complaining over seasons you can't control.
Dude: Aw man snow! I HATE this time of year! I'm going to have to drive in this, and shovel this.
Guy: Didn't you grow up in Michigan?
Dude: This totally SUCKS!
Guy: Dude, stop negevembering! You're bringing me down!
by Sara the Swan November 10, 2011
possibly derived from "till a man", verb used to describe the process of owning up to ones responsibilities
some guy: did you hear about candy's baby? baby daddy won't even look at the kid.

other guy: yup, he's not yet tillema'd
by Sara the Swan September 10, 2009
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