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n.) one who helps poems to be born, particularly one who assists the birthing mother to breathe through the process, knowing that this has been done before, again and again since time immemorial, and will be done again.
If it wasn't for my poetry doula, I would have had to deliver that hexameter by cesarian, and needed to resort to vintage grapes to ease the pain of dilation!
by Sara Nolan February 22, 2008
(n.) Sex so geometrically complex the participants leave a veritable building behind in the romp room, constructed entirely of glass. Glass is detectable only by the breath-vapor clinging to its surface. Structure seems to be everywhere at once and is easily collided with.
Babysitters and other domestic pedestrians often comment on the grandiose archisex and human perfume of the guest bedroom and the minimal space remaining for unawkward perambulations.
by Sara Nolan February 28, 2008
(v.) to close a cell phone conversation with inexplicable rapidity, through hurried and often irrational speech, especially due to external unforeseen circumstances.
When her ex boarded her bus, she accellerated, "ohmygodi'matmystopithink!" and dropped the mobile into her shopping bag, leaving her current lover baffled and irritated on the other end.
by Sara Nolan February 26, 2008
(n.) residual sentiment from old loves unearthed by archaeologists working in cardiac fields or landscapes.
She had to rent a small moisture-controlled office space downtown in which to house all the heartifacts unexpectedly exposed by the most recent male foray into her passion-site, normally protected by an invisible fence.
by Sara Nolan February 24, 2008
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