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Charlie the Unicorn is a very popular video that's been spread across the internet over youtube, myspace, newgrounds, and other flash animation websites. In this video, a pink unicorn and a blue unicorn badger a white unicorn named Charlie into going to a location known as Candy Mountain. On the way to Candy Mountain, the pink and blue unicorn get guidance from the magical liopleurodon, which is a dinosaur that speaks an unidentifiable language, which Charlie can't understand. After getting directions from the liopleurodon, the pink and blue unicorns lead Charlie to a bridge, which is "like covered in splinters." After crossing the bridge, Charlie and the other two unicorns arrive at Candy Mountain. Although the pink and blue unicorns beg Charlie to go inside the Candy Mountain cave, he refuses to enter. The two unicorns then get help from the letters C, A, N, D, and Y. Letter Y serenades Charlie with a song about Candy Mountain, while the other four letters dance along to the catchy tune. When the song ends, the letters spontaneously combust. Charlie was persuaded by the dancing letters and his annoying pink and blue friends to go inside the Candy Mountain cave. While entering the cave, Charlie's friends give him a smug goodbye, and he suddenly becomes concerned. Just as he tries to back out, the cave entrance closes. Charlie struggles to find his way in the dark as he starts hearing footsteps. Some fighting sound effects are heard, and in the next scene, Charlie wakes up in the meadow with a huge, bleeding gash across his lower abdomen. He finally realizes what his "friends" were up to as he shouts his gruesome realization: "Aww, they took my frickin kidney!!!!!"
Random Teenager: I love Charlie The Unicorn! It's my favorite video on the internet!

Charlie: Oh gawd, what is THAT?
Blue Unicorn: It's a liopleurodon, Charlie!
Pink Unicorn: A magical liopleurodon!
Blue Unicorn: It's gonna guide our way to Candy Mountain!!!Charlie: All right guys, you do know that there's no ACTUAL Candy Mountain, right?
Blue Unicorn: Shun the nonbeliever!
Pink Unicorn: Shuuuuuuuuun!
Blue Unicorn: ShuuuuhuhuhuhuhuuuuuuuNUH!
by Sara Mathews November 29, 2006

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