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15 definitions by SantoshGeorge

This is a system that determines how many people from India live in a town or city outside of India. It is the Indian-ness of the city. I personally made this rating myself.

This is similar to the US military defence readiness condition system called the DEFCON system - with ratings from 1 (highest) through 5 (lowest). The word desi (pronounced they-see) is a collquial Hindi word used refer to people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka who live outside of India.

DesiCon 5 - Indians are seen here and there maybe but vanish from sight pretty soon.

DesiCon 4 - Indians can be seen in certain localities and apartments and in the IT departments of corporate America

DesiCon 3 - Indians can be seen in every major low-end retail and grocery store and youngsters can be seen on the roads.

DesiCon 2 - Indians can be seen blasting Hindi music with their windows rolled down as they drive around the city

DesiCon 1 - Indian parents can be seen walking in native clothes and sandals on the roads and not necessarily on the footpath and there are Indian restaurants on every 4 blocks.
Minneapolis is a DesiCon-3 city
by SantoshGeorge August 31, 2009
Synonymous with honeymoon but more accurately describes what it is all about
After the wedding, John and Mary went off on a 7-day fuckymoon to Hawaii.
by SantoshGeorge December 29, 2008
This is an expression to indicate whacking off (hence whack-off-ia). The bank part comes into the picture because every time you whack off, you usually deposit something.
John: Hey Paul, you spider monkey, have you been wanking all night again??

Paul: Hush John! Don't say it loudly. But yeah I made a large deposit at Whackoffia Bank last night.
by SantoshGeorge February 17, 2008
A synonmym for platonic: indeed I feel it is a superior word to platonic, especially in the context of human male-female relationships. This is based on my personal experience of dating many girls but not having any sex. As such, I used to describe these relationships to my guy friends as being purely platonic when in fact my intention was not always that, especially if the chick was bang-worthy. But now I feel Plato himself must have had more sexual action with women than I have that it is more appropriate to describe a word using my name rather than the great Plato. Hence the word santonic - to describe a non-sexual, philosophical, academic relationship between a male and a female. It can also be extended to same-sex relationship if the user so desires.
John: Man, I have been dating Mary for 5 years and I did not get any pussy yet.

Jack: Whoa dude, that is one santonic relationship.
by SantoshGeorge October 29, 2007
This is similar in meaning to Wanketine's Day and celebrated on Feb 14 of each year.
Bob: Hey Frank, wish you a happy Wankenstein's Day

Frank: Same to you Bob. Yeah, I am gonna be busy in my room tonight!
by SantoshGeorge February 17, 2008
A fictional TV show that is set in cold city of Eagan in Minnesota, it will be about two vice cops Sonny Cockette and Dickardo Flubbs, who keep an eye out for immoral activities in the city, but also make out in the squad car. A cop-comedy-action show.
Bob: What are you gonna do this Friday evening?

Steve: I am gonna sit at home and watch Eagan Vice
by SantoshGeorge March 01, 2008
BUI stands for Browsing Under the Influence. This is similar to DUI for driving. BUI is a situation where a drunk person is having a great time browsing the internet and having fun.
Jacinda: What are you doing? Wanna come over to my place to watch some TV

Santosh: Sorry but I am BUI!
by SantoshGeorge March 07, 2009