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Nigga is a word which evolved from the derogative term "nigger" used by slave master to make mock of mental ability of black slave. Moreover, Tupac defined the distinction between the two with some elements of dishounesty - He said:
"NIGGER- a black man with a slavery chain around his neck. NIGGA- a black man with a gold chain on his neck."

The TRUTH, not the FACT, of the matter is that:
-'Nigger'is a black man with iron chain around his neck deprived of any means of education; symbolising 'physical' slavery.
-'Nigga' is a black man with 'million-dollars' gold chains on his neck living in street; symbolising mental slavery.
Louis X: Salaam brother!
Wallace X: Walaikum Salaam Brother.
Pimp C: Yo, Wazap ma niggaz!
Louis X: My dear brother, Pimp C, can I say a word?
Pimp C: Oh yeh!
Louis X: Thanks.
Louis X: Truely speaking, it is not in the the best interest of Black race in our effort to heal the injury that hundred years of slavery has inflicted in our conscience and sub-conscience to continue to make fun of that comatose that force us to be where we are today.
Wallace X: Teach, Brother!
Louis X: My brother, Pimp C, there is no race in this world that has suffered an inhuman brutality like we the black people of Nothern Hemisphere; Our mind, our culture, our religion, everything that signifies our pride and dignity as humans has been rubbed from us.
Wallace X: Teach!
Louis X: Brother, Pimp C, it makes stupid of us to stand in the midst of the children of whose forefathers enslaved our forefathers, treated them as subhuman, cursed them as "Niggers", meaning that they are mentally incapable, and then we 'uncosciously' call each other "Niggaz". If we were to go by the definition of MTV and other media outlets, when they say a "NIGGA", is a black man with a gold chain on his neck." Then the question is why do we see it as an insult when 'white' kids use it on us? If it is a symbol of pride, why don't we appreciate it rather fron at it. This is hypocracy!!! We got to be reasonable, Brother!
Wallace X: Yeh!
Louis X: Having ourselves in the projects; pimping, hustling, drug dealing, that doesn't mean that we are forever condenmed to live at the peripheral of advancement and civilisation. We have to be men who can face the challenges and reality, and say "NO", enought is enought.
Wallace X: Teach!!!!
Louis X: Certainly, living in projects whiles wearing million-dollars gold chains doesn't make sense.
Wallace X: Right on the spot!
Louis X: My dear brother, Pimp C, Bob Marley once said "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; None but ourselves can free our minds". it is also said: "It is not too late to turn, and it is not too late to learn, Wake up man and try" We have to try. We have to regain our dignity and respect. We are not 'Niggaz'. We are a hard core 'Brothers'!
Pimp C: Yo, thus food for thought, men! I like you. You r a real brother. man!
Wallace X: Brothers, I think we can talk now...
by Sankore April 11, 2006

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