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1. Claws of birds (sometimes used for other animals)
2. Those REALLY long, curved fingernails some women have.
1. The bald eagle caught the fish in its talons.
2. I have no idea how my busdriver grips the steering wheel with those talons!
by Sangochan February 02, 2007
A person who is:
An American
From the Northern U.S.
A player for the New York Yankees or a fan of theirs
A person from NYC
A girl who wears a short skirt and has bleached hair (in Japan) Can also be spelled yanki
I am proud to an American. I'm a Yankee!
by Sangochan January 28, 2007
That @#$%* who works at my school library and guards the bookshelves, saying things like "I'm going to report you kids! How dare you stand and talk by those bookshelves! You are blocking off the other students from getting books!" when there is absolutely NO STUDENT anywhere nearby looking for books (true story.) Will also make sure that no one puts a backpack on a table, and takes a tally of how many students enter the library. Any other librarian who acts in a similar manner.
Man, my school is f***ed up because of that library nazi!
by Sangochan January 28, 2007
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