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An awesome movie based on a true story (Disco Bloodbath; a fabulous but true tale of murder in clubland, By James St. James) It is James St. James's (Seth Green) outlook on the murder of Angel Melendez, comitted by Michael Alig (MaCually Culkin) and a guy named Freeze. Most of the movie takes place in a club called Disco 2000 check that out to learn more.
MaCually Culkin and Seth Green with many a wide variety great cast. Not for the weak of heart or stomache for that matter. If you don't like homo-sexuals you will not like this movie! But you can learn more on the web about the real Michael Alig and James St. James, However the book "Disco Bloodbath" can no longer be purchased for less than $200 you can find the reprint of it called "Party Monster" found at any bookstore.
by Sandy Sue May 24, 2005
Back in the "Club Kid" era Disco 2000 a nightclub held at Limelight in NYC held a big wednsday night party, started by Michael Alig, a now convicted murderer of Angel Melendez. Michael owed Angel a great deal of money for drugs he had gotten for free and stolen from him. So "Disco 2000" was no more after Peter Gaition, owner of Limelite was shut down due to drugs.
Michael Alig is now serving in jail and will be up for parole in 2006
by Sandy Sue May 24, 2005

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