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"Michael-emo" is a term, used to describe a feeling, event, person or object which is so dark, depressing, moody and/or negative that the term "emo" wouldn't justify to the seriousness of the feeling, event, person or object.

One may therefore conclude that "Michael-emo" is of a higher level of "emo-terms" and thus stands above the regular term "emo".

As of today, it is still debated whether "Michael-emo" is a sub-culture among teens or a term of explanation.

For it is still widely associated with a person's style of clothing & hair additionally to their musical preferences.
There is no heart, only sadness...

Sorry had to get that off my chest, perfect set-up for something so emo it's almost michael-emo.
by Sandwich_of_Doom February 22, 2011

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