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(N) A young, fashionable lady who is native to the United Arab Emirates and is usually found gliding slowly through local shopping malls. You will never find a sandfluffy outside in the heat. They are usually sporting the cultural abaya and shaila. Their faces are adorned with perfect makeup and jewellry. Generally very pretty and intelligent and come across as 'girly' girls. They frequently glide around together in 'fluffy packs' of 2 or more. Their native tongue is Arabic and when spoken it tends to range on a high frequency, with gentle pattering sounds which are quite attractive to the untrained ear, unless something of great humour or urgency is being discussed.

NB - this is a term of endearment and respect and NOT one of mockery. These ladies are strong and beautiful and are an asset to their country.
by Sandninja April 17, 2010

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