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Also known as VOS, Vomit Odor Syndrome is caused when someones stomach acid has been "upchucked" orally out from there bodies.
This creates a disgusting aroma which can make you, or someone else, vomit. This causes different side effects at different times of day. For example, in the morning it may cause hunger or flatulence. In the afternoon, where it happens more commonly, makes you not want to go outside and be active and stay near a bucket or toilet hoping it doesn't happen again. In the nighttime or evening, you will become tired and want to go to bed earlier. The actual Vomiting of VOS is caused by many things, more commonly bad food, eating disorders, Seeing or smelling some one else vomit, and amusement rides made for that sort of thing.
Guy: Dude you wanna go on "The Bowel Movement?" It has a short line!
Dude: No thanks I know you have just eaten three funnel cakes, and I don't want to catch
Vomit Odor Syndrome .
by Sandmonkey August 09, 2008

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