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2 definitions by Sanctums

An awesome pod/videocast with former G4-TechTV hosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. They cover most of the man stories on digg.com. It is just over a month old and is on most top-ten podcast lists.
Diggnation is a truely great podcast.
by Sanctums August 07, 2005
Someone who started skating in the last two to three years due to all the Tony Hawk Nine-Hundered craze. They think they're cool and original by hopping on a skateboard and saying they skate, but they're just sheep.
"Hey everyone, Once I started skateboarding I threw out my Abercrombie, I grew my hair so its shaggy, and I started listening to Sum 41 and CKY. I feel so unique!"
by Sanctums August 28, 2003