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A shitty city in Southern California. People in Temecula are all poor and wish they lived in San Diego or LA. You can't drive ten feet in temecula without seeing a lifted blacked out truck being driven by some skinny white kid with oversized sunglasses. Everyone in temecula is covered in tattoos and generally look like white trash carnival goers. The natural beauty of temecula is awe-inspiring, residents enjoy a 360 degree view of desert shrubs on hillsides and the weather is great. 100 degrees F during the day, 60 at night with a whipping valley breeze. If it wasn't for Abbott Vascular, a fortune 500 company, Temecula would have absolutely no redeeming qualities. Temecula is a shithole where nasty bro-ha girls get pregnant at 15 and look forward to a wonderful life in bro-town, off-roading, tattoo ridden, white trash TEMECULA, CA.
God damn I have to work in Temecula five days a week, I want to kill myself. I swear if i see one more lifted bro truck that has never touched dirt I'm going to cry. Everyone in Temecula is ugly or pregnant or both.
by SanDiegoIsBetterThanTemecula August 10, 2009

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