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A mix of three christian Rappers (Braille, Ohmega Watts and Soul P.) Known mostly for there song when the smoke clears which was on the album Under Exposed which was released on Syntax Records. They have had there song played on the Movies Red Doors And Family Life.
Guy #1: I heard this band Called Acts 29 there actually pretty tight.
Guy #2: Hey I heard That band on the movie Red Doors Awful movie but friggin good song
by Samwise3739 January 28, 2009
A rapper Known for the song All day that he does with Tribe Unique. He Is also in a Group Called Haiku D'etat wich includes Aceyalone And Mikah 9 Known mostly for there hit single Mike Aaron And Eddie.
Guy #1: Dude You Hear DJ Wise made a fresh new mix of Abstract Rudes All Day
Guy #2: Abstract Rude? Isn't He in Haiku D'etat?
Guy #1: Ya Mang
by Samwise3739 January 28, 2009
The Mighty Underdogs is a three man rap ground: Lateef the Truth Speaker from Latryx, Gift Of Gab from Blackalicious and Headnotic. The group has put out one EP and a full length album with featuring artist such as MF Doom and Damien Marley.
Dude droppin' science Fiction by The Mighty Underdogs is amazing!
I know man it's a classic
by Samwise3739 May 30, 2010
CVE (Chillin' Villian Empire) is an underground hip hop group that got there start at the highly acclaimed "Good Life Cafe'" They were known for there unique beats and for there interesting rap style.
Hey man did you hear itunes came out with a bunch of unreleased tracks by CVE?
Ya mang my favorite has got to be Calistylics.
by samwise3739 May 30, 2010
(Pronounced A-D-M) A Christian rapper who is on the record label Syntax Records who released his first and only CD "Sweet Talking Your Brain" which was released in 2002 he seems to have disappeared off the planet since then.
Guy #1 Dude have you heard Adeem on any other albums since 2002
Guy #2 Nah man
by Samwise3739 January 30, 2009

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