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The indie scene had originally been started by people who wanted to deviate from the norms of society. They did this through both music and fashion.

Contrary to popular belief, indie was never just about listening to bands nobody else had heard of - it was about appreciating all music for what it was - a form of entertainment, that appeals to different people.

This spawned a generation of Indie kids, who would go out of their way to try and be as "indie" as possible, essentially conforming to the acceptable indie standards. The indie scene quickly became the one thing that it set out to differentiate itself from - a clique.
What most "indie" kids dont realise is that looking indie, and listening to indie bands just isn't enough. You can't just "become" indie - you either are, or you're not. Being "indie" to try and conform to the indie scene is not indie, because it defeats the point of being indie. Indie is about being independent, therefore, following your own style and own opinions. Someone who is really indie will dress how they want to, look how they want to (though i guarantee that the jeans, hoody, messy hair look will be popular) and listen to whatever music they want to. most importantly, to not care what others think, and to be universally accepting to every genre of music, and not just write it off because it doesn't fall into a certain category.
Being truly indie is really like being "none of the above".
Guy 1: That girl's indie because she listens to arctic monkeys and wears dresses that look like they're from the 1960's
Guy 2: That doesn't make her indie, that just means she looks like someone who has been inspired by the indie scene

Guy 3: Look at the indie kids gathered outside starbucks. They all look the same.

guy 4: They probably aren't all indie then, most of them probably just like the idea of being indie.
by Samwiez September 27, 2010
(Verb) Originating from Yorkshire, this is a slang term for the act of masturbating, or "bashing". To bash one out, means to have a good masturbating session.
Steve left the room mid way through the film to bash one out. I heard him moaning in the next room.
by Samwiez September 27, 2010
(noun) A 6 man group set up in a specific way to accommodate bombers (AOE damage dealers) for the purpose of bombing (dealing lots of AOE damage to get kills). It's a tactic used in both small and large scale PvP in Warhammer Online, but also (probably) in other PvP based MMOs. A typical bombsquad will contain two tanks, two healers and two bombers. The tanks will be fully defensive specced and able to guard the bombers while they dish out as much AOE damage as they possible. Bombing can be extremely effective on disorganised groups, but a competant assist train can easily counter a mediocre bombsquad
Me and the guys ran a sweet bombsquad last night, we racked up a shit load of kills in scenarios.
by Samwiez September 15, 2010
(noun) Referring to someone spams AOE attacks to try and inflict as much damage as possible to nearby opponents. Used mainly in the Warhammer Online universe, but can apply to any other MMO where there is one class that has the ability to do huge AOE. A bombtard is different from a bomber, since a bombtard is someone who spams one button and prays for lots of kills. A typical bombtard will bind the same instant cast aoe attack to several keys and roll their face over the keyboard or bash it with their palms. Things will still die, so long as they get healed.
WAR player: That bright wizard is such a bombtard, all he does is spam scorched earth in zergs
Bomber: yes, he has not mastered the art of bombing and instead relies on the rest of his group to support him while he spams two buttons and prays for kills.

by Samwiez September 15, 2010
(Verb) To twist one's auras. Twisting auras is a MMO term that means when a character that emits buff giving auras changes their current aura for a different one. Depending on the game, sometimes the aura or chant will retain for a few seconds after it has been cancelled, allowing another chant or aura to be up at the same time. Twisting is therefore used to keep multiple buffs up at once.
If that knight stands there twisting his auras, the group can get up to three powerful buffs at once.
by Samwiez September 15, 2010
(noun) An attack given to the blessed Chosens of Tzeench in Warhammer Online. Chosens can unleash the power of Chuck Norris onto your opponents with this deadly attack that crits for ridiculously high ammounts.
None shall survive
Order guy: You're both tards, plz kill yourselves.

Good chosen: Ravage is a powerful attack, and yes, most chosens do overuse it, but who can blame us when we've been given the power of Chuck Norris to use at will?
by Samwiez September 15, 2010
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