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A piece of corn bred with a food stamp baked in the middle of it.
Otis, look at Leroy. He done got himself a nigger fortune cookie on his way back from the liquor store!
by Samurai Sam September 14, 2006
Untalented country douchebag who saw a vast untapped market in making CDs full of songs exploiting American troops and advocating extreme nationalism and selling them to uninformed, educated assholes who incorrectly equate patriotism with jingoism and unquestionable loyalty to the Bush administration.

After finding out that being a shill for the Bush administration made him more money than doing commercials for Ford trucks and 10-10-220 he recorded even more such songs, becoming even more of a sellout than he was before that time. He also shot his mouth off with unwarranted and unwelcome comments about the Dixie Chicks, who are better Americans and better patriots than he could ever think of becoming.
Toby Keith is a loudmouthed, ingorant piece of shit.
by Samurai Sam September 18, 2006
Pseudo-patriotic sack of right wing monkey shit who was the errand boy/bagman in the Iran-Contra scandal, a right wing scheme in which arms were illegally sold to a hostile country and the profits used to fund a war in South America for which Congress specifically forbade tax dollars to be used. Convicted of lying to Congress, for which his military pension was revoked, his conviction was later overturned on appeal due to a technicality by a partisan judge. Later became a talk show host and ran unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate. Still regarded by the right wing of American politics as a hero, this lowlife will be forever associated with criminal wrongdoing and jinogism disguised as patriotism.
Oliver North is a disgrace to the United States Marine Corps and the United States of America.
by Samurai Sam September 29, 2006
1. Scientific evidence that American Indians had sexual intercourse with buffalo during the middle to late 19th Century. Since the buffalo has been hunted to near extinction, they now breed almost exclusively with their brothers and sisters.

2. Unintelligent, inbred hicks who think that screwing over working men and women with tax breaks for corporations and the rich actually helps them, that there are weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and that George W. Bush is a patriot despite the fact that during Vietnam he dodged the draft by getting into a National Guard unit from which he promptly went AWOL. See also: gullible, stupid, moron, rube. douchebag, dipshit.

They are commonly found in any of the following places:

a. Prison

b. Gay or redneck Bars

c. Mental Institutions

d. Trailer Parks

e. Country Music Concerts

f. Larry the Cable Guy Shows

g. Underneath Outhouses

h. Gun Shows

i. Hospital Emergency Rooms (usually as the result of something procured at h. above)

The first thing a Republican girl says after having sex for the first time is: "git off me pa, yor crushin' mah cigretts!"
by Samurai Sam September 18, 2006
Bowtie wearing pussy who used to appear on "Crossfire" representing the conservative viewpoint until Jon Stewart made him his bitch on "The Daily Show".
Tucker Carlson now has a show on MSNBC that hardly anyone watches.
by Samurai Sam September 29, 2006
1. Dumbass who knows nothing about music...after all, only a dumbass would call the Beatles overrated yet be obsessed with Linkin Park.

2. Another name for excrement.
1. Styrocen wouldn't know good music if it bit him in the ass.

2. Be careful, my dog left a big pile of Styrocen on the sidewalk.
by Samurai Sam October 01, 2006
Another name for Ann Coulter, and the title of her next book that will be purchased in droves by brain dead conservatives.
Did you read the latest book by nazi cunt?
by Samurai Sam September 29, 2006
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