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3 definitions by Samuelhughes

a cunt is someone you just want to smack
right between the eyes with a baseball bat
it may also be known as the females genitals
you fucking cunt get back here
dont you just wanna kill that cunt
i wanna do her cunt
by samuelhughes June 28, 2009
6 8
a shit lip is a person with a dodgy lip. it may be very spotty or swolen up. or you may have a desease called poloitus
sam: wow tom jowit has a right shit lip
denny:yeah i know hes just like mr parkinson
sam:what a cunt
by samuelhughes June 28, 2009
3 6
A person who shags 2 people in the course of 1 day, tom jowit and alex walker and befor this tosses matti johnson off just hours befor
Sam: did u hear about that abbey?
Denny: yeah discustin init
by Samuelhughes June 29, 2009
35 301