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Describes the most horrendous or gross thing imaginable. Only used when something is down-right disgusting.
YULK!!! That chick just kissed that elderly woman!
by SamuelPowers July 31, 2006
(Ra~haur\\ lee)
- The combination of Gnarly and Rawr.
- Describes something cool and partially sexual.
- The sexual referance is usually a joke. (Unless you're using rawr in a serious sense and in that case you're nuts.)
That dive you just did was rawrly. I just splooged all over my leg. Nicely done dude.
by SamuelPowers June 28, 2006
Adv: Used to describe something in an either good or bad way based on the tone of the word. Means very good/cool/awesome/gnarly/extravagant or very bad/lame/gross/dumb.
That girl is pretty dank! (good)

That girl is pretty dank... (bad)
by SamuelPowers May 08, 2006

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