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Rule by religious leaders, as found in Iran. Notable for repression of thought, extreme censorship, prohibition of scientific research, and a general lack of good times.
Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson work night and day to transform America into an evangelical Christian theocracy.
by Samuel L. Wordsmith January 07, 2005
One who adheres to the idea that the United States of America should become a theocracy ruled by the rules of the Bible; a Christian Republic.
The President may not be a Christian Reconstructionist, but many of his favorite evangelical preachers are.
by Samuel L. Wordsmith January 07, 2005
Verb. To attack under false pretenses. Derived from both ambush and the current President of the United States.
Bob said I stole his chili dog, then smashed my skull with a crowbar. But he knows I never touched his weiner! He totally bushed me.
by Samuel L. Wordsmith January 07, 2005
The lowest-ranking mammal in a social group, such as wolves or chimpanzees. Usually employs clowning as a defense mechanism. In human society, the lowest-status individual in a group.
Bob once again demonstrated his omega status when he stuffed his nose full of Easy Cheese in a desperate cry for attention.
by Samuel L. Wordsmith January 07, 2005
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