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when something is so amazing that u cum.
franki: that was incredible
joe: i just cummed my pants
franki: that was friggin cumtastic
by samuel adams January 27, 2005
being involved with someone or liking someone supremely and then getting shut down bc the counter part wants to remain friends instead.
sam: i wish we could make this night more special...*wink wink*
brook: me too.....but i think that u should know...... i just like u as a friend....
sam: NO!! i was totally just love fucked!
by samuel adams March 15, 2005
someone that likes to eat out butt hole and while in the action they ask there partner to fart *typically spray fart* in there face so that they can get off.
joey: u want me to fart in ur face!!! wow i had no idea u were a fart spackler!!!!!
monica: please even a small one!!!
by samuel adams February 08, 2005
insult, to make offense; someone or something that dwells in a crotch inside a nest of pubic hair like a pheasant.
mike: u are a bitch!
julie: fuck u!!
mike: no thanx crotch pheasant!
peter: dam i cant get rid of this crotch pheasant!
by samuel adams February 04, 2005
when u masturbate and u shoot a load the little drops of cream that get on ur pubic hair or on ur skin.
jr.: o shit now i have to clean of thsi whack spackle!!
eric: u are gay
dray: o yea well u are... whack spackle!!!
by samuel adams February 03, 2005
getting such a hard bonner that it takes a long cold shower or imediate whacking to get it to go away.
jeff: man it inst leaving i think i am getting light headed
chris: dude u better do something or it will become boneragmatic
jeff: o shit i dont want that!
by samuel adams January 31, 2005
something u like so much that a slight mention of said thing and u get a raging roaring boner and then blue balls.
jack: i love music so much... omg i just got so hard!!! shit!!! my nuts!!!
cory: dude that isnt cool....
by samuel adams January 28, 2005
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