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A new age skill, that even some have learned to master, some are professionals and It is said once in a blue moon one of these free style cock suckers will use no hands.
Damn, you should of seen the old ass bitch free style cock sucking, I think hes one of those freestyle cock sucker's.

The Free Style Cock Sucker competition tickets just sold out I hope we can get some.
by Samual929 September 22, 2007
Someone with a big forehead and talks weird but engages in sexual fag trade with puerto rican men.
Hey that Fag head went to africa and brought back a tribe of boyfriends.
by Samual929 September 22, 2007
When you poor an ice cream milk shake down your boyfriends ass and eat it.
Tommy that gay bitch with curly hair just gave his boyfriend a gay milkshake.
by Samual929 September 22, 2007
A Person Who wets them self on occasion because he got excited that a guy will be fucking his ass today.
Nick is a gay ass bitch.

That gay ass bitch got fucked in the ass.
by Samual929 September 22, 2007
Some thing that can be taken out of context if not said correctly
The act of being gay beyond measure, When you've crossed the line between what's morally right for a heterosexual and then pursue in not only engaging in homosexual activity, but going beyond that and achieving Ultimate gayness.
Fucking "A" man (as in the Roman Alphabet) or " Hey I just got here, Fucking a Man!!!!!

Gary queefed as he was fucking a man, gay faggot.

He was caught fucking a man, and everyone suspected the worst.
by Samual929 September 22, 2007
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