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Another way of saying fart, let one rip or let one tear
Jimmy just let one fly and it smells like a pile of rotting parsnips
by samstorm December 05, 2004
1) A collage or collation of images and text expressing a certain topic or subject, often used to generate ideas or for project work. Getting past the "mood board" stage of a project is often a big step for anyone who thinks they are soled
2) Metaphor used to describe lack of work, suggesting that very little work can obtain high marks just due to the fact that a "mood board" is being used.
3) An idiot's idea of hard work
1) I have a bunch of pictures that I've printed off the internet and stuck down. I have a mood board.
2)Don't worry I'll pass my course, I've done a mood board!
3)soled chav 1 - "Dnt wory sir, iv dun me mood bord so its safe, innit, no detention 4 me 2nite, yes boss, u knows, true dat safe.
by samstorm July 03, 2005
originated thousands of years ago from cavemen who derived pleasure from beehives by removing from trees and using them as an alternative to a woman/donkey/wooly mammoth.People in this century who partake in this hobby are known as "beehive boys" They are often very primitive and therefore can be recognised by extreme amounts of hair and a language that consists of deep grumbling noises.
"look at that kid over there humping a beehive. Going at it like a rabbit. What a beehive boy"
by samstorm December 07, 2004
Another way of saying fart, let one rip or let one fly
Jimmy let one tear and it smelt of a rotting pile of cabbage.
by samstorm December 05, 2004
1) A state of taking something to the extreme, causing it to fail abruptly due to reaching it's highest possible limit.
2) To be in such a circumstance that you are unable to perform a bodily function/action as normal.
3) To become broke in a very short period of time due to overspending.
1) That old lady maxed out her knees when she fell over.
2) Sir,I can't do P.E today cuz i've maxed out my ankle.
3) My woman robbed my credit card last night and now it's maxed out
by Samstorm December 05, 2004
Word used by those who are too stupid to think up any other insult. Those with 1-2 GCSE's A-F rarely use this as they are overly intelligent. Used to clarify a dumbass action or event.

See also: meatloaf
"eyy, tyrone just laid a brick in da bogs"
by samstorm December 05, 2004
Otherwise known in Olde Englishe as "though" (see pronounciation). Often used by young teenagers who think they are all that to conclude a sentence. Most commonly paired with the word innit to create a phrase meaning "I agree with you fully"
Chav 1: "wow, dat chick is so hot."
Chav 2: "innit do"
Chav 1: "ah no way mush, dat cop is on to me liftin these burberry hats
Chav 2: "innit do"
by Samstorm December 05, 2004

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