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Noun. A female who travels with a large group of men, servicing each one of them in turn to placate the crowd. This term was created in honor of the brave women who traveled with pirate ships on long journeys, keeping them sane and satiated.
You: I'm going to hang out with the ENTIRE football team tonight!
Me: Pirate Hooker.
You: I take offense to that.
Me: Shut up hooker. Be proud of your heritage.
by Samson III November 09, 2005
A villain in the popular TV series, "Heroes." He was told by the professor researching human evolution that he had gained no abilities through his genetic mutation. This professor then talked at length about the "evolutionary imperative" to survive. This drove Sylar mad with the need to prove his worth and specialness.

Sylar's genetic mutation actually endowed him with intuitive aptitude, the ability to recognize and manipulate patterns within complex systems. He uses this to recognize the powers of other evolved humans and replicate them, but only after cutting out their brains to perform some unknown process.
Sylar seized the evolutionary imperative. Shouldn't you?
by Samson III February 22, 2007
Verb. To drink. Derived originally from tailgating before a sporting event such as a football game, it later became known as drinking before any gathering. It now refers simply to drinking, because any activity afterward is acceptable to drink for.
You: Dude, let's go out and shoot some pool.
Me: Naw I'm just gonna pregame and play some Nintendo, then go to bed.
You: What you pregaming for?
Me: Bed.
by Samson III October 16, 2005
Noun. A person of Samoan descent.
Guy 1: Hey, this is my Samoan friend Mike.
Guy 2: Whoa whoa, don't call him that! He is a caramel delight now.
by Samson III February 08, 2009
(n.) Something that is entertaining because of how pissed off it makes you. A treatment for the numbness brought on by the Internet Age.
Fred: I'm gonna head home and watch some O'Reilly.
Bill: But you hate O'Reilly. You're just gonna punch through your wall again.
Fred: I have to. Angertainment is the only thing that makes me feel alive anymore...
by Samson III August 05, 2008
(n.) A measure of the net output of w00t from a given body. One can find through simple mathematics that the w00t into a person at any given time is equal to the w00t out of that person. This is why w00tage should be reciprocated.
Tommy: OMFG Billy w00t w00t w00t U R Awesome!
BIlly: So are you! w00t w00t.
Tommy: Wow, our w00tage is disproportional. You can't be my friend now.
Billy: w00t!
Tommy: You are forgiven.
by Samson III May 01, 2006
Exclamation. Props given out by a l337 d0g.
Timmy: I just own3d that guy who was going around ganking n00bs.

Fido: w00f.
by Samson III June 05, 2006
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