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Well I best be off, cheerio.
by Samson October 05, 2003
When someone gets along very well with someone else. Applies to both sexes.
So how'd it go with Tanya boi?
- Dawg, I took her to dinner and we totally hit it off.
by Samson October 29, 2003
Used to refer to any female who greatly enjoys close contact while up in the club.
That bitch is tricklish.
by Samson December 16, 2004
1) a chinese person refer to by an italian person
2) italian for "chinese"
3) refer to kinez
Italian 1: That there is a Chinezso.
Chinese: (Over in the distance)
Italian 2: Yes, I must agree.
by Samson July 29, 2003
a person that carries his/her frisbie discs in a bag made specifically for the purpose
that guy must be a pro, he's a bag fag. Must have lots of discs having to use a bag
by Samson March 06, 2005
Fuck the dude who put cock in soup as quigebo
Fuck the dude who put cock in soup as quigebo.
by samson January 23, 2004
a wannabe wasian; one who would like to be asian but has no true samurai ability.
god what a wasian
by samson January 21, 2004

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