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1.Use of a power tool (Or similar device) to create another venue for penetration, most often non-consensual.

2. Sexual fetish involving the use of tools (powered or otherwise) to achieve arousal and/or stimulation.
"See that hole in her side? They say that's where Billy Ray powertooled her... she's never been the same."

"Yep, powertooling will do that to yah"
#rape #power tool #penetration #sex #tools #flesh wound #fetish
by Samo652 February 17, 2008
1. Trolling out loud, a person who trolls outside of the internet.
Person 1: Hey guys, did you know that the swine flu is caused by illegal aliens coming across the border?
Person 2: That's completely unsubstantiated and false man
Person 1: Yeah but did you know that Obama plans to make our country a Islamic theocracy?
Person 2: *sigh*
Person 3: You just got TROLLOLED
#trolloled #douche #asshole #prick #loser
by Samo652 May 03, 2009
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