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Most Taylor's have beautiful eyes and blonde hair. Some are brunettes also. Usually a lot of them are gorgeous. They are confident on how they look and on who they are. They often times are suckers for love, but they never feel the need to really settle down. Be careful though, they get bored with guys quick. They are very trustworthy, even if you cross them your secrets will never be told. But with that being said, they aren't ones to be messed with. They have feisty attitudes and stick up for themselves no matter what. They will always be there for someone no matter what. They are very caring but they don't show it a lot. If you have a Taylor that's your friend, keep her. If you have a Taylor that's your girlfriend, KEEP HER.
I kinda like Taylor.
"Good pick. She's amazing."
by Sammiiiiiiii March 24, 2013

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