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Not the (original) Death Star.
"That's no moon."
- Alec Guinness
by SamecksDiamond February 05, 2005
1. Bommyknocker: Two people in bed, at least one of whom must be male, the man rolls over towards his partner, causing his penis to 'flop' onto their leg or belly.

2. Bommyknocker substitution: Slapping somebody on the leg using your outside arm, indicating that they have just been figuratively cockslapped.

3. Verbal Bommyknocker: Using all of your tact and wit to orally wang-whack your unsuspecting foe.
1. "Look, we're just friends, sharing this bed tonight does not give you the right to Bommyknocker me."

2. "I'm gonna kill that bastard for Bommyknockering me!"

3. "Your momma. Bommyknocker!"
by SamecksDiamond January 20, 2004

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