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A person who is extremely homosexual in lifestyle, wears peppy clothes and has horrifically bad body odor. He also possesses two vaginas and has an iq level the same as their shoe size. Sanshits are also known for having pubic hair present on their heads.
Oh man, look at that guys head, he's such a sanshit!
That guy is such a sanshit, just look at what he's wearing!
by samdawg June 15, 2013
pylon stroller is a word to say 'i didn't even go to that party....' when you are ajitated
scott capinick: hey man, u were so funny on saturday
sean cadman: pylon stroller!!! (but i didnt even go to that partay!!!) :(
sean cadman: oh well... mother weres pokemon yellow version
by Samdawg April 25, 2007
abreviation for 'way over the top'
jess: i studied all over the holidays for science
sam: w.o.t.t!!! (actually meaning: way over the top)
by Samdawg April 25, 2007
ya mum is a word u say when u hav no comeback
-how was ya sleep
-ya mum
by Samdawg April 25, 2007
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