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I'm sick of all you people who only like Gerard because of his incredibly good looks. Sure, he has good looks, but he also had an incredable voice and amazing cartoon skills. All of the album art was done by Gerard and he's amazing. All of you preppy wanna be "punk", "goth", or "emo" girls don't know that Gerard classifies they're music as "death rock" and says that they are not emo, goth, or punk. So, get off the fact that he's so hot, or that any of them are so hot and listen to something besides "helena" "I'm not okay" and "the ghost of you". Yes, they are good songs, but listen to some of their older stuff too. AND STOP BEING POSERS!
Prep poser: OMG Gerard Way's so hot, the first time I saw them on MTV, I thought he was so hot, so I started listening to them!!!

Me: ...I liked their music before I saw them...

Emo wanna be: Yeah, Gerard shares my pain.

me: K, totally not what I was talking about. I like their lyrics, dipshit, they're a good band.

cool kid: Yeah, losers, try listening to their lyrics and stop drooling over them. Losers

((Me and cool kid walk away, laughing AT not WITH the losers))
by Samantha W-B September 18, 2005
A poser, one who acts preppy, talks preppy, dresses preppy, hangs out with the preps, but they want to be emo because that's the cool thing. They don't know what Emo is, and will never understand because they think all the bad stuff that happens is so horrible.
Dude, that chick totally is a premo...bleck!
by Samantha W-B September 16, 2005
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