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2 definitions by SamP

The average distance between two McDonald's "restaurants" in a given city.

Since there are now more McDonald's establishments in major cities than flies in a public shitter, one can use this as a unit to measure distance in an urban environment.

Very effective for those who cannot traverse more than the said McMile without stopping to eat at McDonald's.
Person 1: What's the dis between yer home and the college?
Person 2: About 3 McMile's
Person 1: Uhh... What's a McMile?
Person 2: It's the distance between two McDonald's restaurants!
Person 1: ...
Person 1: You'd know, fatass...
by SamP May 12, 2007
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another name for the harpsichord used in 17th century England.
"...there being a gentlewoman there that did play well and sang well to the Harpsicon, and very merry we were."
- from the Diary of Samuel Pepys, 29 April, 1661
by samp February 21, 2012
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