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Habbo babies are extremely sad people who think its fun to pretend to be a baby and get pixel parents. Always ask for hc habbo club parents, and are very likely to say it's their birthday so they get given furni. Also add w's to every word they say including actions (they are incapable of typing normally) and talk in stars when they pretend to do something. The most irritating of all habbos.

Normally Wear: Hoodies (Pink for girl, Blue for boys)
Shorts Or Skirt
And many girls have bunches of hair
and claim to be newborn.
Habbo Babies:
(Habbo baby enters adoption room)
Baby: *Fwalls Dwown On Pwuffeh Nwappeh And Swucklesh Thwumbeh*
Parent: (Thinks) Ahh what a cute child let me adopt him/her.
Parent:Hey Sweetie Can i Adopt Yooh?
Baby: Nwo, Woo Scwaree
(Baby Walks Up To Hc)
Baby: *Swuckles Thwumb Cwutely* Ewwo Pwetty Lwady

by Sam-age December 29, 2007

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